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Wifi Hacker 2013 Gold Prank (for Android)

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    • Wifi Hacker 2013 Gold (for Android)
      Wifi Hacker 2013 Gold is made for entertainment purposes only, and does not actually hack into any wireless routers or networks. What it does do is return funny and potentially embarrassing passwords for the routers that it finds.
    • Wifi Hack PRO (for Android)
      You need to know the password or disable the password WIFI, WIFI HACK PRO the perfect application to reveal the password.Wifi enabled previously.Scanner and information of wireless, keeps key Wlan Wifi and Jazztel to retrieve keys and also to reveal the new passwords.Key: wifi hacker, Hack Wifi, wifipass, wifi pass, password, wifi keys.Free on your Android.* PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING *This is just a joke application.
    • Wifi Hacker 2013 Prank (for Android)
      Did you forget your wireless password again? At a friends house and they have no idea what their login information is? Wish you didn't have to sit at the library waiting for a wifi key? Now you wont have to wait, with Wifi Hacker 2013, the premier application for hacking and decoding protected wireless signals!Wifi Hacker 2013 scans your local area for available wireless signals and displays information about each one, including the security abilities of each router.
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      WiFi Hacker prank makes it look like you can hack any WiFi network.
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      WiFi hacker voor gratis! WiFi hacker voor Android!Wilt u gebruik maken van gratis internet? Wilt u een echte hacker? Wilt u breken in wi-fi-netwerk? Wilt u om echte wifi hacker app te hebben? We kunnen u niet helpen met het.
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      Did you ever forgot password to your own Wi-fi network? or wanted to use someone else Wi-fi for free and was wondering how to hack someone s Wi-fi network?WiFi Hacker will simulate hacking into any Wi-fi networks around you.
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      Use this free app to set-up your new netTALK DUO WiFi to your home wireless network using your Android device. //Benefits:·No computer required - just use your Android Phone or Tablet ·Quickly connect your DUO WiFi to your WiFi network using your Android phone or tablet·Can be used on the go to connect your DUO WiFi to secure wireless networks //Features:·Scans for available Wifi networks·Configures the DUO WiFi to work with your home WiFi router·You can also set up the DUO WiFi to work with a different wireless router //Don't forget: The DUO WiFi Scanner app can only be used with your DUO WiFi.
    • Desktop VNC wifi remote viewer (for Android)
      DesktopVNCFeatures:+ fit screen size & no black bar & multi monitor stream+ 3 or more vnc profiles + modifier key support & right above your keyboard+ input control with settings+ rotatable mouse & adjustable cursor speed for touchpad+ easy access with screen edge control+ support hacker keyboard app+ support realvnc, ultravnc, tightvnc or others+ support windows, mac, linux or others+ freeDesktopVNC is a wifi vnc viewer or wireless remote access computer app.
    • Connector Track & Dispatch (for Android)
      Connector is a cloud-based, Google Apps™ integrated track and dispatch service.The service supports a wide range of location-aware devices including smart phones, wireless routers and other GPS devices.
    • Learn To Hack ( Wifi ,os etc.) (for Android)
      THIS IS REAL, NOT A PRANK APP.** PLEASE EMAIL FEEDBACK REGARDING THE APPLICATION CONTENT TO jaikirat.seth19@gmail.com AS I WANT TO IMPROVE THIS APPLICATION ****Please email me about any concern, bug or issue! before leaving a negative feedback about the app.**Are you tired of installing fake wifi hacker / hacking apps from play store then you should try this app.
    • Wifi Hacker Working (for Android)
      Wifi Hacker working is an application to break WEP, WPA and even WPA2 using dictionary method to find password.
    • Air HID :WiFi Mouse & KeyBoard (for Android)
      --- English by Google Translate ----- This app is useing WiFi and Touchscreen,provides wireless keyboard and mouse(trackpad) and the numeric keypad.To use this app, you must start the andReceiver on your PC.The andReceiver can download it here.↓http://tinyurl.com/8a3w2jm*Mouse gesture.Scroll: Please trace a right edge of mouse area.Drag : Please touch after tap on around the your tap point.
    • Air HID: WiFi Mouse & KeyBoard (for Android)
      --- English by Google Translate -----This app is useing WiFi and Touchscreen,provides wireless keyboard and mouse(trackpad) and the numeric keypad.To use this app, you must start the andReceiver on your PC.The andReceiver can download it here.↓http://tinyurl.com/8a3w2jm*Mouse gesture.Scroll: Please trace a right edge of mouse area.Drag : Please touch after tap on around the your tap point.
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      WiFi Password Hacker makes it look like you can hack any WiFi network.
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      WiFi Password Hacker makes it look like you can hack any WiFi network.

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