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Baidu Browser 40.16.1000.126 (for Windows)

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Baidu Spark Browser is a web browser based on Chromium, the same engine that drives Google Chrome. Attractive design, changeable skins, good integration with Facebook and a feature for downloading videos make Baidu a browser worth trying.

Like Chrome, but with even more functions

If you take Chrome, add some interesting features and retouch the design, the result would be Baidu Spark Browser.

The software includes a sidebar, which gives you quick access to bookmarks and downloads, a zoom function for enlarging or shrinking the pages, and a Facebook widget, which allows you to get a real-time look at your social stream.

Baidu Spark Browser allows you to use gestures with the mouse to carry out specific actions, such as changing, closing or opening a new tab, or moving forward and backward. There are dozens of gestures, all explained in the Tools section within Settings. You can't, however, create new customized gestures.

The Baidu Spark Browser interface also provides a Media button that allows you to download videos from the page you are viewing.

Another useful feature allows you to mute the volume in all tabs, a useful function when you have many tabs open and don't know where the annoying sound is coming from.

As in Chrome, in Baidu Spark Browser you have access to the grid of the most visited websites when you open a new blank tab (New Tab).

Finally, Baidu Spark Browser includes functions to capture screenshots. You can crop a part of the page or the entire screen. In addition, it integrates a number of basic tools to retouch the image or add text, colors and other features.

Designed for you

The interface is almost identical to that of Chrome, but with a more youthful design. If electric blue (the default color) isn't to your taste, don't worry, Baidu Spark Browser includes several other skins, which you can choose via the button next to the tab bar.

The rest of the sidebar can be turned on or off as desired. Buttons for capturing screenshots or downloading videos are clearly visible on the side of the address bar.

A surprising browser

Overall, Baidu Spark Browser is a very successful browser. The Facebook integration works well, and the sidebar is handy without disturbing web browsing.

The features for downloading video and capturing screenshots are helpful and always at hand. The mouse gesture is surprisingly responsive and improves the usability of the browser.

Ultimately, Baidu Spark Browser is a recommended solution for those seeking a valid alternative to the popular Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. Not only does it prevent you from losing anything in terms of quality and speed when surfing the web, it actually adds accessories to enhance your online surfing experience.

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