Trimble Terramodel 610 7

Trimble Terramodel (for Windows)

Platform: Windows in Office and News by Trimble Shareware Language: English Downloads: 721

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    • Trimble Data Transfer (for Windows)
      Trimble Data Transfer is a practical and reliable application geared towards users who need to import data from various devices to their personal computer. When speaking about devices, we are referring to Trimble Series 4000 and R/5000 receivers, DiNi Digital Level and Trimble Survey Controller, to name a few.After the necessary data is recognized, it can be then imported into the Trimble Geomatics Office, Trimble Total Control or Terramodel application - thus, civil engineers and surveyors can easily work with terrain models and alignment design.Intuitive and user-friendly device wizardSince the program uses a device definition in order to gather information about individual piece of equipment, you can make use of a simple, yet effective wizard that helps you to add a new device.Once a device definition exists for a device, you can use Trimble Data Transfer in order to transfer data to or from it each time it is connected to your PC.The wizard guides you throughout the entire steps of adding and configuring a new device definition for data transfer.
    • Copan Lite 11.11 (for Windows)
      Land surveyors and civil engineers:o Calculate surveys and manage points, effortlesslyo Run Copan on Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7o Use it forever and pay nothingo Choose quadrant bearings or N/S azimuths, and gons or DMSo Create point files quickly and easilyo Edit any point's number, name, coords, code or noteo Specify groups of points for listing or processingo Edit points: renumber, delete, lock, convert to 2Do Transform coordinates: - Specify rotation, scale and shift parameters - Compute best-fit transformation between sets of pointso Import/export points from/to character-separated value or fixed format ascii fileso Export points to Geodimeter or Leica total station fileso COGO using points, bearings, and distances and offsets: - Direct and inverse - Corner angle - Bearing-bearing intersection - Distance-distance intersection - Bearing-distance intersectiono Express bearings and distances via point numberso Calculate multiple inverses from one to many points: - Angles and distances - Bearings and distances - Chainage and offsetso Process field survey data: - Calc and adjust traverses and radials, via HAs, VAs and SDs - Calc and adjust traverses and radials, via bearings, VAs and SDs - Calc freestations via HAs, VAs and SDs - Manually edit data - Import from Geodimeter JOB, TDS RAW, Nikon RAW, Leica GSI, Wild GRE - Export to GeoLab IOBo Process map data, even those describing curves: - Calc and adjust traverses, areas and perimeters, via points, bearings and distances - Check traverses, areas and perimeters, via bearings and distances - Calc traverses, areas and perimeters, via points - Export to ESRI Traverse formato Apply azimuth correction, scale factor or units factor to any calco List points or results to a text editoro Plot points, at any scale, to any printer Copan Lite 11.11 Drawing and CAD software developed by Underhill Geomatics Ltd.