Quintum Tenor Configuration Manager 1.0 2.510 6

Quintum Tenor Configuration Manager 1.0 (for Windows)

Platform: Windows in Developer Tools by Quintum Technologies, Inc. Freeware Language: English Downloads: 442
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      Jeta Logo Designer is a professional graphic editor that comes bundled with several editing tools for helping users create high-quality logos. Although it comprises many dedicated parameters, the layout is clean and intuitive, and you can easily get an idea of how to configure the dedicated parameters.
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    • WinFF 1.5.4 (for Windows)
      WinFF is a program that enables you to convert between several media formats, including AVI, MPEG, MOV, MKV, MP3, VOB and OGG.The user interface consists of a standard window in which you can add audio and video to the queue by using the file browser or the drag and drop method (batch conversion is supported).Thus, you can remove an item or clear the list, play an audio or video file, preview results and configure output details when it comes to the format, preset and location (you can optionally check the Use Source Folder option).Furthermore, if you click the Options button, several more tabs appear and they allow you to input manually the values for video bitrate, frame rate, size and aspect ratio, as well as audio bitrate, sample frequency rate, channels, volume and synchronization.You can also crop a video file (by setting the top, bottom, left and right margins), go to a particular time to record it and set advanced command-line parameters.Additionally, you can import and edit presets, enable WinFF to shut down the computer after conversion, as well as configure program preferences (e.g. default destination directory, priority).The program uses a low-to-moderate amount of system resources and quickly completes a task while managing to keep a good image and audio quality.
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      1.Apply Atscript language as its installment control script, the method is convenient, simple and formidable.2.In the script host process can call VBScript for process control, which makes the system more flexible and easier to be expanded ( WEB installation disks producing templates provided in the current system can call VBScript to configure IIS) .3.The installation disks produced does not generate uninstallation information, can be applied to make a software upgrade package, database installation disks and some other special installation disks.4.Registry setting features can easily be set up in the installation process for the operation of the registry, eg: setting the registry information reading out the registry information deleting the registry information covering the registry information conditionally implement the registry object, and can easily make an application program and a file type association.
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