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Castel SIP (for Android)

Platform: Android in Messaging and Chat by Castel free Language: English Downloads: 1

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    • MizuDroid (for Android)
      MizuDroid is a professional SIP/VoIP softphone from Mizutech.-can be used with any VoIP service provider, any softswitch and PBX to make low cost or free VoIP calls-works on any network above 15 kbits (3G, WiFi, others)-not another sipdroid clone (made by Mizutech from scratch including Mizutech high performance Java SIP and media stack)-MizuDroid softphone is free for non-commercial use.Features:-all common audio codec (G.711, GSM, speex, iLBC, G.729), DTMF (RFC2833 and SIP INFO), IM (chat)-call mute/hold/forward/transfer/conference-auto QoS, optimized codec selection (based on your device capabilities, network speed and peers capabilities)-VoIP tunneling and encryption (optional)-AGC, AEC, PLC, Noise reduction, Silence suppression...and a lot moreVisit the homepage for more details about this SIP client: use the forum for any bug report: builds are available for VoIP service providers.
    • Hellou Global Phone (for Android)
      Hellou Android Edition – the Mobile SIP Softphone is a SIP based softphone for your Android OS devices.**IMPORTANT NOTE: Hellou Android Edition is a softphone and part of Hellou Global Phone a Brazilian VoIP service.
    • Brastel SIP (for Android)
      Brastel SIP is SIP-based softphone offered by Brastel Telecom, which combined with the company’s Brastel Card allows you to place international and domestic calls at incredible rates.No monthly fee required! Brastel SIP works on both Wi-Fi and 3G networks.Brastel SIP is available free of charge and you only need to charge (top-up) the Brastel Card with credits to place calls.The Brastel Card is distributed for free at Family Mart, Circle K, Sunkus and MiniStop convenience stores throughout Japan, major ethnic shops and restaurants as well as online, by accessing Brastel’s website.The card may be charged at convenience stores, with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, DC issued in Japan) and PayPal.For more information, please visit our website: http://www.brastel.comInitial Setup:For the initial setup you need the Brastel Card’s access code and password, both printed on the back of the card.If the Brastel Card does not have the password printed, you may request it by accessing Brastel’s website.Requirements:Android version 2.1 or above.(The app may no be compatible with some Android devices.)Features:Phonebook sharingCalls placed transmits a 050 numberWorks on both Wi-Fi and 3GIMPOTANT NOTES:- Slow Internet connection may affect the quality of the calls.
    • NetCalls (for Android)
      This is SIP-based softphone to make international voip calls – brought to you by SipcoSystems.**IMPORTANT NOTE: NetCalls softphone is a standalone softphone and not a VoIP service.
    • Bria Android Tablet Edition
      Bria Android Tablet Edition is a SIP-based softphone for your Android OS devices, brought to you by CounterPath the award winning provider of desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solutions. **IMPORTANT NOTE: Bria Android Tablet Edition is a standalone softphone and not a VoIP service.
    • Siphone (for Android)
      Siphone Android Edition is an award-winning SIP-based softphone – based on the market leading CounterPath Bria softphone.****The Siphone client requires activation via your service provider.
    • EVA VideoPhone (for Android)
      EVA VideoPhone is a SIP-based softphone, developed as a part of a new generation VoIP platform by Verysoft - company with almost 10 years of a VoIP development experience. EVA was designed to provide a customer with the best the video and audio quality even not on very good channels, save battery and be fully compatible with SIP providers and other softphones.
    • ARKFone SIP Dialer (for Android)
      ARKFone is Audio / Video next generation SIP based softphone.
    • WorldVoiceCaller (for Android)
      WorldVoiceCaller is a professional SIP/VoIP softphone from WORLD VOICE SPRL.
    • Media5-fone (for Android)
      The unique free SIP Softclient with Top Audio Quality for the Android family!Media5-fone is the best and most comprehensive Mobile VoIP SIP Softphone application that enables you to make and receive free or inexpensive phone calls over the Internet using a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.You will need to have a VoIP SIP account with your company, or sign up for an account with your favorite SIP provider to use the Media5-fone.The Media5-fone is compatible with Enterprise IP-PBX and SIP servers from:• Aastra, Asterisk, Avaya, Broadsoft, Ericsson, FreePBX, FreeSwitch, Kamailio, Mediatrix 4100iPBX Series, Nokia-Siemens, Nortel CS1K, CS2k, CS5200, OpenSIPS, Panasonic, Samsung, Siemens OpenScape and HiPath, sipXecs, Sylantro, And many moreÉFEATURES:• Easy to configure: - Flexible Codec selection and prioritization.
    • A2Billing SIP Dialer (for Android)
      A2Billing SIP Dialer is a complementary application for A2Billing platform, built and designed on Android OS for android enabled mobiles.Purpose: A2Billing SIP Dialer Provides SIP Dialer, Callback service,other A2Billing customer portal features to android mobile users.Target: VOIP Service Providers may take a good benefit of the whole scenario of A2Billing SIP Dialer.FEATURES* SIP Softphone* G.729 Codec Support.* Call History.* Voucher Refill with A2Billing.* Voucher Refill History.* Balance display (with Currency) on Main Screen.* Rate-Search Feature* Configurable Login to enable user to configure IP for login and callback service.* Dialer tab for making calls (2-Leg Callback Service).* Contact Picker tab for selecting contacts from Phonebook.For those who do not want to use A2Billing Feature please download mobisip dialer from google play, mobisip dialer provides all other features except A2Billing specific features.Please visit to download the accompanying script files for a2billing.
    • Teo Softphone for Android
      Teo Softphone for Android is a SIP-based VoIP softphone for Android Softphones that uses a Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G LTE network connection to make and receive calls with the Teo Unified Communications platform.The Teo Softphone allows you to make and receive high quality voice and HD video calls, Instant Message, set your own presence, and view the presence of other Teo UC System users. You can conference, split or swap multiple voice calls, as well as transfer calls, using the same contacts you already have in your phone.Save on Connect ChargesUsing a Wi-Fi connection, you can make phone calls through the Teo UC system, and avoid cellular data charges.
    • Media5-fone MPS (for Android)
      The unique free SIP Softclient with Top Audio Quality for the Android family now supports Automatic Provisioning!Media5-fone MPS (Mobile Provisioning Server) is the best and most comprehensive Mobile VoIP SIP Softphone application that enables you to make and receive free or inexpensive phone calls over the Internet using a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.Your SIP Provider should have provided you with a MPS Username and Password.
    • eSky Mobile VoIP Tunnel (for Android)
      esky mobile voip Tunnel Softphone is a SIP softphone that works on mobile phones based on Android system.
    • facecall (for Android)
      Facecall softphone for Android:•Facecall for Android is a SIP softphone that works on mobile phones based on Android system.•Supported codecs: Audio G729, G711, Speex, iLBC and GSM.
    • SpaceDialer (for Android)
      The SpaceDialer softphone for Android is a SIP softphone that works on mobile phones based on Android system.
    • Voip By Antisip (+Video) (for Android)
      Voip By Antisip is a VoIP and **VIDEO** softphone based on SIP protocol.** FAQ ** (English only) By Antisip can be used with any SIP provider and is pretty simple to configure.
    • Talkyou Lite (for Android)
      TalkYou Lite is a SIP softphone that allows IP voice calls, The free version is limited to talkyou a SIP account.
    • TalkYou (for Android)
      TalkYou is a SIP softphone that allows IP voice calls, video conferencing, call forwarding and other utilities.You can set up multiple accounts with support for SIP and 3G wireless networks.100% compatible with Asterisk and VoIP providers.The sound quality is excellent, including G.711 (alaw and ulaw).Configures easily Audio and Video codecs.Integration with contacts in your phone Android.Call History.VoIP on 3G networks - Some mobile operators may prohibit or restrict the use of VoIP technology through its network and even impose additional fees or charges by using VoIP over their network.

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    • Rush Limbaugh (for Android)
    • Google Drive (for Android)
      Google Drive offers quick storage and a really attractive layout. However, it's not worth getting too excited over as it just doesn't offer any landmark features if you're not already tethered to Google's ecosystem.
    • WEEI Live (for Android)
    • ZocDoc (for Android)
      Find the nearest doctor and make an appointment instantly. It's free! With ZocDoc, you can search for a doctor by location and insurance, see profiles for doctors that match your needs, and read reviews from real patients.
    • Document Scanner (for Android)
      **FAVORITE BY FAR AMONG SCANNER APPS AndroidPolice***Recommended by PCWorld, NYTimes, InformationWeek, Financial Times and many more - Reviews on our website**Please download and use FREE Full Featured Trial first*Scan documents and receipts with your phone camera, convert them to PDF. It is a portable scanner for your Droid.*email PDF or upload it to DROPBOX(Donut+), Google Docs, EVERNOTE (Eclair+), (Froyo+)*OCR Option through GDocs/Evernote*create folders*no page limit*scan and add pages later to an existing folder*insert existing gallery image*compression and page size options*reorder pages*quick one-page option to take a picture and upload as PDF with a single click*Correct perspective and crop your captured image.
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      Bluebird is your checking and debit alternative loaded with features, not fees. There are no monthly fees, no overdraft fees, and no minimum balance fees.
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