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Castel SIP App is a SIP intercom softphone. The easy-to-use and intuitive application, allows you to make and receive audio and video calls from XELLIP IP intercom stations on your Android. With Castel SIP App, you can communicate and open the door, anywhere. It can work in standalone mode (without SIP server) or with any SIP server through Wi-Fi and 3G. Main features: - Audio with the following codecs: G711 (ulaw,alaw), GSM, G722 - Video with the following codecs: VP8, H264, mpeg4 - Multi calls (swap among active calls, merge calls, transfer calls) - Audio conferencing - Address book integration - Call history (received, missed and dialed calls list) - Echo cancelation - Loudspeaker, mute and hold - Interoperability: can connect to any SIP video phone supporting codecs above - DTMF (telephone tones) support using in-band, SIP INFO and RFC2833 Note: Please, check your cellular operator's terms of agreement to make sure they allow SIP calls on their network before using Castel SIP App.

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