Audubon Birds California – A Field Guide to the Birds of California (for iPhone)

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Now you can track and annotate your sightings with the personal Journal feature and share your observations through email and Facebook. Did you know the California Condor is the largest flying bird in North America with a wingspan of over nine feet? On your next trip to California, see this remarkable endangered species for yourself! Bring along your Audubon Birds California mobile app, and find out more fun facts! Identify 523 species with in-depth descriptions, thousands of professional photographs, range maps, bird songs, and much more! Features■ Multiple images of each species in their natural habitat from the best bird photographers show the diversity of birds as you see them, in their natural habitat by gender, age and seasonal plumage variations■ Ability to enlarge each image to see incredible detail■ Know where the birds are in any season with the most up-to-date range maps, and the ONLY app with wintering range maps■ Contains an unparalleled library of bird sounds and calls - over 8 hours from the best audio field naturalists in North America■ State-of-the-Art search functions:- By common name (First/Last) and Scientific- By shape- By family in taxonomic order- By multiple “advanced search” variables including wing shapes, location, song call types, song call patterns, habitats, region, shape, size and more■ The most complete species descriptions updated to the latest AOU checklist, with extensive details on behavior, habitat, life history, nesting times, number of eggs, nest location, bird family info, similar species■ A complete reference section describes how to bird, how to identify birds, conservation, classification and more■ ‘Journal’ feature allows you to track and annotate your personal sightings by location, and share with friends by email or Facebook. ■ Designed for the experienced birder and field naturalist, yet user friendly for a new or beginning birder■ Keep track of sightings and maintain a life list■ Lifetime updates■ Sync sightings with Audubon Guides■ Created in Alliance with the National Audubon Society with a portion of sales supporting the mission of NAS■ From the leading publisher of nature and wildlife apps, our mobile field guides have received 22 special mentions and recognition in the iTunes store. www.audubonguides.comAbout Audubon GuidesAudubon Guides are a comprehensive series of interactive digital field guides that combine smart phone technology with the Audubon Society’s vast library of information about nature, brought entirely up to date. All Apps are created in alliance with the National Audubon Society. No longer is it necessary to carry bulky printed fields guides. What are you waiting for? Start exploring your world with Audubon Mobile Field Guides.About the CompanyGreen Mountain Digital is an innovative digital media publisher specializing in an outdoor oriented product line. The company was created in 2009 in Woodstock, Vermont, to introduce the wonders of nature, the outdoors, and wildlife to users of all ages. The apps have expanded the experience of technology and accessible information by fostering a global community based upon the idea of sharing information, education, and an active lifestyle. Green Mountain Digital is in partnership with the National Audubon Society and Orvis brands.Visit Us Today!www.audubonguides.comwww.greenmountaindigital.comTwitter: @AudubonGuideFacebook: AudubonGuidesInfo

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