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Torrent Stream 1.0.6 (for Windows)

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Torrent Stream is a media platform of a new generation in the form of distributed/decentralized multimedia data transfer network with the functions of autonomous self regulation and social component. Easy integration in all sorts of web services and desktop applications (players, media centers, etc.)Torrent Stream allows to provide the best in the world audio-visual quality of the online broadcast, without any need for maintenance of the park servers and expenditures for payment of network traffic!The basic core of Torrent Stream System is a specialized software (TS Engine), developed as a client application software for Windows, Mac, Linux/Ubuntu, Android, Apple iOS, etc. (Prior to release 1.0.6, only the version for Windows will be available for the installation).Torrent Stream media platform is a comprehensive software solution and any of its components can be used by the third parties on contractual and licensing terms. Agreements and Licenses have both an open, standardized format/form of public offer and personalized, which can provide the right to full autonomy for all components of media platform, including its own branding.

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