Awesome HUD 1.03 (for iPhone)

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      What is a HUD Home?A HUD home is a 1-to-4 unit residential property acquired by HUD as a result of a foreclosure action on an FHA-insured mortgage. HUD becomes the property owner and offers it for sale to recover the loss on the foreclosure claim.The following information is provided to as an introduction to the process through which HUD homes can be purchased.
    • HUD Homes NV & CA (for iPhone)
      What is a HUD Home?A HUD home is a 1-to-4 unit residential property acquired by HUD as a result of a foreclosure action on an FHA-insured mortgage. HUD becomes the property owner and offers it for sale to recover the loss on the foreclosure claim.The following information is provided to as an introduction to the process through which HUD homes can be purchased.
    • HUD Homes NV & CA (for iPhone)
      What is a HUD Home?A HUD home is a 1-to-4 unit residential property acquired by HUD as a result of a foreclosure action on an FHA-insured mortgage.
    • HUD Homes NV & CA for iPad (for iPhone)
      What is a HUD Home?A HUD home is a 1-to-4 unit residential property acquired by HUD as a result of a foreclosure action on an FHA-insured mortgage.
    • HUD Refunds Finder (for iPhone)
      Our free HUD Refunds Finder system includes more than 820,000 unclaimed HUD refunds cases(about $16 billion in unclaimed US Savings Bonds), you could easily determine whether you are owed an FHA refund or not and manage your own HUD cases with your Iphone. Even more, you can provide Home Based Business for unclaimed FHA mortgage insurance refunds.For the first time you open HUD Refunds Finder, You will be signed up with an account automatilly and get TWO coins to find out if you are due a refund by using First name, Last Name, Mortgagor address, Property address, Servicing Mortgagee Number(Mortgagee ID), Refund amount & Date Mortgagee Paid, ONE COIN A REFUND CASE; If you need more coins, you have to purchase: $0.99 - 5 coins; $1.99 - 20 coins; $4.99 - 100 coins; $9.99 - 500 coins, for more please contact us.---------------As we know, each year, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insures mortgages made by local lenders and estimates the number of defaults.
    • Iron HUD (for iPhone)
      **Attention: This app only works with devices with a camera**Iron HUD gives you the feeling of being like Iron Man!This app is so much fun and revolutionary!Wow!!Iron HUD uses the built in camera in your iPhone to create a Heads Up Display (HUD) on your screen. Just tap to scan anything, or let Iron HUD scan things for you automatically!(Iron HUD does not actually employ any picture recognition to scan your screen)Tap the left HUD icon and Jarvis will speak to you.Tap the middle HUD icon to do a repulsor shot.
    • Navi HUD (for iPhone)
      Navi HUD is a tool that works both as a head-up-display and a navigation aid.Are you looking for a simple and cheap navigation tool that is free to use even abroad? Or do you go hiking and prefer a simpler solution than using map and compass? Have you ever looked at a BMW 7 series and thought it would be nice if your 1987 Toyota Corolla also had a head-up-display? Or do you own a bike, and find it unfair that only cars and fighter planes come with head-up-displays?Or maybe you want a simple way to find your way back to the car in large carparks? Or a simple way to find your way back to the hotel when you are travelling to unfamiliar cities?If so, Navi HUD is the tool for youFunctionality:* Speedometer displaying speed in mph or km/h* Compass * G-meter displaying cornering and breaking/acceleration forces.* Orientation arrow showing direction and distance to target (replaces G-meter when destination is set)* Fully configurable, all tools can be individually turned on and off* Camera can be turned off to save battery power.* Separate Head-up display (HUD) mode (mirrored) for viewing the reflection of Navi HUD in a car windscreen.* Full flexibility in defining destination position.
    • Garmin HUD North America (for iPhone)
      Important Note: This app only works with a Garmin HUD+ device.
    • a3DTrack HUD +SpeedCams (for iPhone)
      a3DTrack HUD+ is an advanced vehicle digital dashboard featured by combined speed, location and altitude 3D log graph with HUD mode, FIXED SPEED CAMERAS DATABASE nad IPOD REMOTE MUSIC CONTROL. It visualizies your - current speed- average speed, - time,- heading, - altitude, - current distance to the trip start point.- maximum reached speed (during the current trip or all your trips), maximum altitude and maximum distance to start point.Also it shows- color coded distance to the nearest known fixed speed camera;- it's speed limit (if known);- it's position, relatively to your moving track;On approach a3DTrack HUD+ will give you sound and visual warning.
    • GT Car HUD (for iPhone)
      From the creators Bike Cyclocomputer HUD (featured by Apple as New and Noteworthy) comes GT Car HUD.Automatic and Manual navigation modesGT Car HUD is the best solution for getting info of your car. This app gives you all the data you need to know exactly how you are driving.GT Car HUD gives you a plethora of high precision instruments, especially designed for getting the most of your car: Compass, Elapsed Time, Distance, Analog Clock, Digital Clock, Pace, Speed, Average Speed, Inclination, Lattitude, Longitude, Altimeter, Course, and GPS Signal power in a simple and beauty app that will be the perfect companion for you.Those instruments have been callibrated specially for using with cars so that you never miss again any valuable information.MAIN FEATURES:Ultra high precision instrumetsCallibration made for bikes and motorcycles60 frames per second animationAccurate calculationsAutomatic zoom enabled map.
    • HUD Homes 1.18 (for iPhone)
      HUD Homes is your source for Government Foreclosures.
    • Garmin HUD India (for iPhone)
      * Map coverage: India*Garmin HUD India application is designed to be used with the connection of Garmin HUD+ device only.
    • aSmart HUD (for iPhone)
      aSmartHUD is simple and clear vehicle digital dashboard featured by - HUD mode - SHORT-TERM WEATHER FORECAST - IPOD MUSIC PLAYLIST CONTROL- PHOTO CAMERA WITH IMAGE MARKING- ADJUSTABLE TRANSPARENCY GOOGLE MAPS SCREENIt visualizes your - current speed,- average speed, - current time,- elapsed trip time, - heading, - altitude, - trip elapsed time,- distance/time/direction to home location,- weather forecast for nearest 48 hours the with 3-hour time interval,- direct distance (kilometers, miles, nautical miles supported) to the starting point of your trip.- maximum reached speed, altitude and distance to start point, for the current trip and all the trips your ever did.Comparing with others HUD displays on the market - better look and more features for no price.Tapping the HUD icon mirrors all the text, so if you position the iPhone horizontally under your car's windscreen you can see perfectly readable half-transparent reflection of the picture displayed. We love this mode! We found it much more convenient compared to traditional car dashboards (especially on the roads of Western Europe, which are full of speed cameras and where you need to watch your speedometer all the time).
    • PC HUD - Remote Computer Performance Monitor (for iPhone)
      !*!*! On Sale For A Limited Time !*!*!PC HUD gives you real time performance graphs of your computers processor and memory usage.As youre using your computer have your iOS device act like a second screen displaying up-to-the-second utilization information.The graphs slide smoothly across the screen, work in any orientation and are customizable with different themes and layout options, displaying information for memory and up to 8 cores. PC HUD can wirelessly monitor any computer running Windows or Mac OS X.The PC HUD app requires the PC HUD application to be installed on any computer you wish to monitor.
    • Fonality HUD Mobile - trixbox Pro (for iPhone)
      Fonality HUD Mobile - trixbox ProNOTE: This client is compatible with Fonality trixbox Pro. This client requires special licensing on your Fonality system in order to connect your mobile device.
    • Fonality HUD Mobile - Connect & PBXtra (for iPhone)
      Fonality HUD Mobile - Connect & PBXtraNOTE: This client is compatible with Fonality Connect & PBXtra. This client requires special licensing on your Fonality system in order to connect your mobile device.
    • GPS Compass for HUD (for iPhone)
      GPS Compass for HUD in the terminal to use the GPS function at Compass, Speedometer, Altimeter, Longitude, Latitude is software represents the correct information. The program's HUD (Header Up Display) features information on the windshields of vehicles to reflect through the glass front of the driver and the vehicle speed information can be easily identified.
    • All in HUD plus (for iPhone)
      Amazing Head Up Display app for the car comes.
    • My HUD - Speedometer (for iPhone)
      ✦✦✦✦✦ Featured in What's Hot in the U.S.

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      For the color lover in us all, welcome to Chroma: The Premier Color App for iPad. This tool has been designed from the ground up to make the experience of working with color fun and incredibly intuitive.
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      Brought to you from the industry leader in mobile app development for K-12 schools and school districts, the North Hills School District app by SchoolInfoApp enables parents, students, alumni, faculty and staff to quickly access all of the who, what, when and where for all of the NHSD schools! With the NHSD app by SchoolInfoApp, you can: - Get push notifications - Keep up with the latest news and announcements - View calendars for general events, athletics, clubs and school organizations - Add an entire calendar or individual events to your device calendar - Share calendars - Get directions to off-campus events - View a map with your schools event locations - View faculty/staff contact information and pictures - Call or email faculty/staff or go to their individual websites - Access quick links to your online gradebook system, cafeteria menus and more - Get important documents - View picture galleries The NHSD app by SchoolInfoApp also provides students with valuable tools, such as: - My Assignments - A virtual assignment book that students can use to keep track of homework, upcoming tests and projects, complete with due date and priority level. - TipLine - Submit anonymous tips directly to your school administrator about bullying instances, academic integrity concerns or possible on-campus criminal activity.
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      A wildfire is any uncontrolled fire in combustible vegetation that occurs in the countryside or a wilderness area. Other names such as brush fire, bushfire, forest fire, grass fire, hill fire, peat fire, vegetation fire, veldfire and wildland fire may be used to describe the same phenomenon depending on the type of vegetation being burned.This Wildland Fire Glossary contains terminology, definitions, acronyms, tools, and associations/agencies used to describe and fight wildland fires.
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      Become the Ultimate BFF and Find Fashion Nirvana!Attention matchmakers, fashionistas, makeover pros and BFFs! Take on THE ultimate high school challenge where players must unleash their inner diva and fashion goddess to be the ultimate social queen. Inspired by Paramount Pictures film Clueless, players take on the role of Cher Horowitz.
    • Dragon Quest (for iPhone)
      Malathar comes to the iPhone! Malathar the dragon lives in a cave on the side of a mountain, below lies a small village and the villagers have a little factory up on the mountain side that freezes fruit for the winter. One morning Malathar awoke to find strange shadows flying across his cave entrance.Puzzled, he peeked out to see what was going on? BONK! A block of ice with a frozen lemon in it hit him on the head! Looking up he saw that the little factory on the hill was going crazy and frozen fruit was raining down onto his cave.
    • Perfect Girl (for iPhone)
      Ever wanted to meet the Perfect Girl? This is your chance...Tap or shake your iPhone and you will experience what it is like to have the PERFECT Girl.Everything she says.. is PERFECT.http://www.perfectgirlworld.comkeep track of me at:*Update coming soon with many more Perfect Girl lines!What would your Perfect Girl say? Send suggestions to and yours might be chosen for the next update! Reviews: The Perfect Girl app spews out one-liners that some of you may never ever, ever hear from any self-respecting woman (You are so right) for only $1.
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      The romantic hero Edmond Dantes is on a quest to discover Mercedes killer, and bring them to justice, in The Return of Monte Cristo, a beautiful Hidden Object game! Explore gorgeous scenes as you piece together valuable clues and solve the murder of Dantes' beloved. Travel to Paris while figuring out perplexing puzzles and experiencing an immersive plot, in this sequel to Alexander Dumas classic tale.
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    • Solitaire Freecell (for iPhone)
      Everybody is familiar with Freecell, the popular card game played on PC's. The Good News is the same Freecell is now available for iDevices with innovative game play.
    • GoalUnited 2011 (for iPhone)
      Goalunited 2011 Goalunited is the Online-Football Manager which is part of the new generation of browsergames. The graphical quality and feeling of the game is comparable with full price titles for console and PC, but Goalunited is for free! The game Goalunited is an online soccer manager of a new generation.
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      Watch LIVE mobile broadcasts and check out the latest photo galleries. Participate in online polls and find new articles straight from Hoover.
    • Henry Clay High School (for iPhone)
      Watch LIVE mobile broadcasts and check out the latest photo galleries. Participate in online polls and find new articles straight from Henry Clay High School.
    • FDNY Live Fire Radio (for iPhone)
      ***VERSION 1.3 is NOW AVAILABLE***This version eliminates the audio tone and time out feature.PLEASE UPDATE YOUR APP to the new version.FDNY Live Fire Radio PREMIER FDNY AUDIO now on your iPhoneAddicted to Rescue Me and just NEED to know whats happening in the real FDNY? Is it your lifelong dream to be an FDNY Firefighter? On the job and want to know what the Brothers are doing at work while youre off? Have family in the FDNY and want to follow their every move? Live in NYC and want to know whats going on down the block? Watching Fox News and see a teaser about a major emergency in New York City? Turn your iPhone into an FDNY scanner!!!!FDNY LIVE FIRE RADIO is a live streaming audio iPhone application run by that broadcasts the fire truck, ambulance and dispatch radios of the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Driven by a radio station quality streaming audio web server, fed by 9 top of the line mobile fire radios, FDNY LIVE FIRE RADIO is much more than a scanner.
    • FOX Soccer 2Go (for iPhone)
      Watch over 1,200 live and on demand games during the 2013/2014 season, featuring Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, and more of the worlds best club teams from the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FA Cup, Scottish Premier League, CONCACAF Champions League, and much more with the FOX Soccer 2Go app.Watch the entire UEFA Champions League 2013-2014 season live and on-demand. Action resumes with MatchDay 1 of the Group Stage on September 17th.FOX Soccer 2Go lets you watch live and on demand games, follow all the breaking news, video highlights, scores and updates, in-game match stats, and much more.