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  • uTorrent (µTorrent) (for Windows)

    uTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorrent clients out there for several reasons: it's fast, lightweight, easy to use and very efficient. Features of uTorrent uTorrent includes everything you would expect from a complete, reliable torrent downloader: highly detailed stats, support for RSS ...

    platform: Windows by BitTorrent license: Free language: Multilanguage
  • Skype (for Windows)

    Skype is the most popular application on the market for making video calls, mobile calls, and sending instant messages and SMS. On top of all that, it's now emerging as the successor to Messenger. Skype's functions With Skype, you can communicate with your friends wherever they a...

    platform: Windows by Skype license: Free language: Multilanguage
  • Adobe Rome 0.9 (for Mac)

    Adobe Rome is an all-in-one content creation and publishing application. If you've ever wanted to stretch your creativity to the limits, you know you'll probably need a graphics program to do it with. Adobe Rome is that and more. Specifically designed for non-professionals such as small businesse...

    platform: Mac by Adobe license: Free language: English
  • DropJPG 3.0.1 (for Mac)

    Sometimes you find a small simple program that does just one thing, but does it extremely well. DropJPG is exactly that. While it's nothing like an advanced application, DropJPG will do what you ask of it: convert any file into JPG.All you need to do is set the DropJPG icon onto your Dock and dro...

    platform: Mac by Kainjow license: Free (GPL) language: Multilanguage
  • Walking Dead: The Game 1.6 (for iPhone)

    Walking Dead: The Game is a faithful port of the excellent point-and-click adventure game that debuted on the desktop. Walking on sunshine If you're a fan of zombies and haven't heard of The Walking Dead, do yourself a favor and read the comics, watch the show, and pick up Walking Dead: The Game...

    platform: iPhone by Telltale Games license: Free language: English
  • TuneIn Radio 6.1 (for iPhone)

    TuneIn Radio is the standard when it comes to mobile Internet radio. With worldwide radio stations, an excellent design, customization, and social options, TuneIn Radio is one of the best apps for mobile radio lovers. Radio stations of every type, from around the w...

    platform: iPhone by Synsion Radio Technologies license: Free language: Multilanguage
  • LinkedIn 3.4 (for Android)

    LinkedIn has become one of the standards for business connections and LinkedIn on Android is another great extension. Paralleling the original browser-based website, LinkedIn is a simplified version that has all the same features, but with an app-centric focus. Containing all the same sections, L...

    platform: Android by LinkedIn license: Free language: English
  • Wattpad 4.11 (for Android)

    Wattpad is an eBook reader that gives you access to more than 100,000 titles, which can be downloaded and read on your phone. A handheld library If you're a fan of reading, Wattpad is an app that will provide a lot of enjoyment for you. A huge community of users helped contribute to this stagge...

    platform: Android by WP Technology license: Free language: English
  • Magic Screen 1.0 (UIQ) (for Symbian)

    Have you ever dreamt about a native screen saver that can work with the native locking mechanism and all of its advantages? About one that will give you a great choice of displaying options and only you decide what to use? A program that supports your own themes? A screen saver that integrates in...

    platform: Symbian by Symbianwave license: Trial version language: English
  • PPSSPP - PSP emulator 0.9.5 (BlackBerry 10)

    PPSSPP is an excellent emulator of the Sony PlayStation Portable console. It supports loading the ROMs of PSP games (ISO, CSO, PBP, ELF files), demos and homebrews. Everything you need for perfect emulation The PPSSPP interface consists of 3 main tabs: Recent, which displays the titles mos...

    platform: Blackberry by Henrik Rydgård license: Free language: Multilanguage
  • Berry Pix 2.1 (for Blackberry)

    Berry Pix is a full featured photo album for your BlackBerry. Convenient desktop picture loader makes it easier than ever to transfer your desktop pictures to your BlackBerry. Image operations like crop, stretch, mirror, rotate, and send to handheld are just a click away. New grid-based thumbnail...

    platform: Blackberry by Developers website license: Trial version language: English
  • Agenda One 2.3.9039 (for Windows Mobile)

    Managing your time and staying in touch with your contacts when you're on the go is so easy! The easiest to use mobile time management solution available! Top selling app on Windows Marketplace for Mobile! From the moment you launch Agenda One, you'll see why it's different. It's everything you ...

    platform: Windows Mobile by Developerone license: Trial version language: English
  • IM+ (IMPlus) for Windows Mobile 7.9.2

    With society pushing us to be online and available in our every waking moment, it is hardly surprising that there are a plethora of instant messaging programs available for PDAs and mobile phones. IM+ offers connection to a wide range of networks without becoming too bloated or over-complex. The ...

    platform: Windows Mobile by SHAPE Services license: Trial version language: Multilanguage
  • Dropbox (for Web Apps)

    Dropbox is an online storage service, that gives you 2GB of free space where you can sync files, share and make backups. You can then also access your files remotely from a browser or mobile device. Dropbox is one of the best developed online storage solutions, and is very user friendly as well a...

    platform: Web Apps by Dropbox license: Free language: English
  • Cut the Rope (for Web Apps)

    Cut the Rope is a puzzle game you can play on your web browser and is physics-based. Your ultimate goal in Cut the Rope is to feed a cute little creature pieces of candy. The catch? The candy is tied up in ropes and there are obstacles you'll need to avoid in order to ensure your weird little pet...

    platform: Web Apps by Zeptolab license: Free language: English
  • WidSets 1.00 (for Java2ME)

    If you've not seen Widgets in action on the Mac OS then you've really missed out. For the benefit of the uninitiated, widgets are small apps that sit on your desktop to give you instant access to certain information from the Internet. Now, if you haven't tried widgets before you can, thanks to th...

    platform: Java2ME by Widsets license: Free language: English

10 Essential Tips For WhatsApp Users

The media went into something of a frenzy when Facebook bought Instagram for $1B, but imagine the furore when the social network bought WhatsApp for a gigantic $19 billion, especially at a time when Rakuten (a Japanese retailer) was said to have bought Viber for a much more modest $900M. And those watching were perplexed at Snapchat rejecting a $3B offer from Facebook. All this amounts to a lot of money being exchanged for messaging apps.I... Read more →

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The Ten Best Apple Products To Be Unveiled Last Week

Apple has taken up much of the technology news over the past week since they unveiled their latest gadgetry on Tuesday. But there was more than just the new iPhones and the Apple Watch to talk about. Here’s a list of ten of the best things to emerge from Apple’s media event.1. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Much as happened last year with the iPhone 5S and 5C, the two iPhones unveiled this year were the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and the the 5.5 inch i... Read more →

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6 Reasons Why the iPhone 6 Plus is Better Than the iPhone 6

Now that everyone has had chance to study and compare the latest iPhone devices from Apple, and the pre-ordered shipments have started arriving, it’s hard to see what the future holds for the iPhone 6 other than, perhaps, it is a good lower-cost option for Apple fans. But it is undoubtedly, apart from its slightly smaller size and price tag, less superior than the iPhone 6 Plus. A similar comparison can, perhaps, be made between the iPhone... Read more →

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9 Ways to Prolong the Battery Life of Your Laptop

Everyone understand the predicament. You’re on the move, in the middle of an important meeting, or delivering a lecture when you discover your laptop battery is about to pack up. Perhaps there is no power outlet nearby or you have forgotten your laptop’s power adapter , but in any case you are stuck. However, don’t give up just yet because there are a few things you can do to prolong the life of that dying battery in order to finish the ta... Read more →

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5 Interesting Wearables to Rival Apple’s iWatch

The fact that Apple is getting involved in wearables has aroused the interest of many. For example, the iWatch design has been well received, seems easy to use, and has a myriad of features, not least its fitness tracking capability. There are many reasons why the iWatch will be popular, both when it is released early next year and when new, improved generations of the device emerge in the future.However, at the present time, there are som... Read more →

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Users Will Have to Wait Weeks Before iOS is Able to Forward Texts to Their Computer

Apple announced at their iPhone 6 launch last week that iOS 8 will ship on September 17 to users with a compatible handset. That is to say, most of the new mobile operating system will ship on that date. On close inspection of a footnote on the company’s website, users will have to wait another few weeks for one key feature.9to5 mac noticed that the SMS Continuity feature in iOS 8 won’t be live until next month. This is the feature that a... Read more →

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Three Key Features Shown in Latest Leaked Screenshots of Windows 9

A few technical sites in Germany published over 20 screenshots of the upcoming Windows ‘Threshold’ or Windows 9 operating system last week. These screenshots are reported to have come from the Technical Preview, the OS version that is widely expected to be revealed at the end of September. The screenshots are said to have come specifically from an early build of the operating system provided to close partners of Microsoft. All indications ... Read more →

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New Browser Allows Users to Search the Internet by Text Message Only – Meet Cosmos

A new browser called Cosmos has just arrived with the aim of helping those in the developing world get access to the Internet using text messaging only. Strange as it might seem, this app allows users with no wi-fi or no data plan to get the web pages they want.As the use of the mobile phone continues to rise in all parts of the world, many networks are not yet able to offer speedy download and, in some places where fixed networks haven’t ... Read more →

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Can You Get Rid of U2’s New Album from Your iTunes Library?

Along with the launch of the new iPhones and iWatch last week, Apple also announced that every iTune user would receive a free copy of U2’s new album, Songs of Innocence. At first, the idea was well received - until users found that the album had been placed automatically into their iTune library. Needless to say, this caused a good deal of irritation, especially amongst those who felt the album was being forced on them without them having... Read more →

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How to Create a Google Blog

Blogging is a very popular activity and is a great way to advertise some aspect of your business, announce a new business, or generally share information with other users. Google is, of course, a popular platform for publishing information. So, how do you use Google to create a blog?Answer1. First, you need to go to blogger.com2. Use your Google account credentials to sign in, whether this is your Google Groups, GMail or Orkut account. Tha... Read more →

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Spotify to Get Sponsored Sessions and Video Ads

Sometime later this year, Spotify is planning to include video ads in their app. One possibility is that brands will sponsor 30 and 60 minutes worth of ad-free listening for users in return for viewing ‘Sponsored Session,’ a video advert. A limited number of big brand names will test the video ads during the last quarter of this year.This is how 'Sponsored Sessions' will work: the user must agree to watch a 15 or 30 second long ad in order... Read more →

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Self-Destruct Posts Being Tested by Facebook

A new feature that will allow users to set an expiry time on their Facebook posts is being tested by the social network. This new option bears some resemble to a feature in Snapchat that allows you to do much the same sort of thing. In the Facebook Help Section, there is a description of how you can schedule in advance for your posts to be deleted after a certain time period. This new self-destruct option is not yet available to everyone.S... Read more →

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Nokia And Windows Phone Brands To Be Dropped by Microsoft

It is reported that Microsoft intends to make some changes to its smart phone marketing strategy with plans to drop Nokia and Windows Phone brands from ads and product reference material this holiday season.Geek on Gadgets reported the news, having obtained confidential documents belonging to Microsoft, which outlined the changes. This is something of a shift for Microsoft who acquired the Nokia division covering devices and services last ... Read more →

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More Leaked Screenshots Show a Redesigned Windows 9 Desktop

With the Technical Preview of Windows 9 scheduled for September 30, there may not be many surprises remaining with the way secrets about the OS are being leaked. Several screenshots have already become public, rumor is rife about new features, and now there are more screenshot leaks. Some technical websites in Germany have just obtained some more screenshots from partners close to Microsoft and these primarily focus on desktop changes. In... Read more →

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Google Starts Bringing Android Apps to Chromebook

Not so long ago, Google revealed their intention to bring Android apps to the Chromebook (the company’s own inexpensive laptop), and this has now started to happen.This week the company released the first batch of apps for the Chrome operating system. The first set included Evernote, Duolingo, Vine (Twitter video/messaging service) and Sight Words, a reading app for youngsters.In a blog post on Thursday, Josh Woodward and Ken Mixter said ... Read more →

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  • NBA 2K15 1.0 (for Windows)

    NBA 2K is back boasting lots of new features, graphics, and game modes. Does the popular franchise live up to its highly-acclaimed predecessors? Check back here for the full review which will be on this page shortly. 

    platform: Windows by 2K license: Full Version language: Multilanguage
  • Asphalt Overdrive for Windows 8

    Asphalt Overdrive is an endless driving spin-off of the popular racing series, Asphalt. The Asphalt series takes a detour If you're a fan of the Asphalt series, don't get too excited as the gameplay in Overdrive is entirely different to what you're used to. Make no mistake, this is not Asphalt 9...

    platform: Windows by Gameloft license: Free language: Multilanguage
  • Logitech Gaming Software 8.53.10 (for Mac)

    Logitech Gaming Software is a handy way to manage your gaming hardware. Its clean interface allows you to tweak each of your Logitech devices for better game performance. You can then map these to a profile which can, in turn, be tied to a specific title to give you the best personalized play exp...

    platform: Mac by Logitech license: Free language: English
  • Logitech Gaming Software for OS X 10.6 and 10.7 8.50.133 (for Mac)

    Logitech Gaming Software is a handy way to manage your gaming hardware. Its clean interface allows you to tweak each of your Logitech devices for better game performance. You can then map these to a profile which can, in turn, be tied to a specific title to give you the best personalized play exp...

    platform: Mac by Logitech license: Free language: English
  • WhoSampled 1.16 (for iPhone)

    Music has consistently evolved over time with musicians taking inspiration from one another to explore their own musical genre. They've also done plenty of complaining about stealing work from one another. No matter which view point you take, WhoSampled provides detailed info on what goes into a ...

    platform: iPhone by WhoSampled.com Limited license: Full Version language: English
  • Adobe Premiere Clip 1.0.0 (for iPhone)

    Capture the moment by shooting video on the go, and then use Premiere Clip to bring clips together and add the finishing touches that make a video look and sound great. Projects sync across all your devices automatically, so you can start on one device and pick up your edits on another. Want to t...

    platform: iPhone by Adobe license: Free language: English
  • WhoSampled 1.0.0 (for Android)

    Music has consistently evolved over time with musicians taking inspiration from one another to explore their own musical genre. They've also done plenty of complaining about stealing work from one another. No matter which view point you take, WhoSampled provides detailed info on what goes into a ...

    platform: Android by WhoSampled.com Limited license: Free language: English
  • Noyze Volume Panel 1.1 (for Android)

    Something as simple as adding a panel to adjust the volume on an Android device can be a nightmare. Most of the time, you need to go through a technical process called "rooting". Noyze Volume Panel keeps things simple with a Google Play Store download and delivers a useful program which can help ...

    platform: Android by Thomas Barrasso license: Free language: English
  • PAC-MAN Championship Edition (for Symbian)

    In PAC-MAN Championship Edition, the goal is to complete each level by eating all the pellets, but avoid getting caught by the colored? ghosts. Unlike the classic version, this release offers several game versions: the original levels (mazes in the dark or that change shape, for example) and...

    platform: Symbian by Electronic Arts license: Full Version language: English
  • British Airways 1.0.12 (for Blackberry)

    The British Airways app a handy companion for both frequent and casual flyers. There's a lot of features including booking information, access to boarding passes, and flight status options. It also provides access to frequent flyer info and Executive Club perks. Most of the controls are located o...

    platform: Blackberry by British Airways plc license: Free language: English
  • The Independent 4.2.2 (for Blackberry)

    The Independent app allows for you to read the latest articles from the famous British newspaper. Stories are displayed in a list and divided by sections such as Sport, Tech, and Politics. You can switch between sections by tapping on the lower left hand corner of the screen. It's not as advanced...

    platform: Blackberry by Independent Digital News & Media Limited license: Free language: English
  • Therefore (for Windows Mobile)

    Therefore is an app designed by the creators of the Therefore Information Management system that allows you manage Therefore documents on Windows Phone. Therefore allows you to find and edit documents and save photos to Therefore from your Windows device. Therefore initially opens in Find mode w...

    platform: Windows Mobile by Therefore license: Free language: English
  • Toolsley File Identifier r1 (for Web Apps)

    Identify files of unknown origin without an extension. Gleam information about files without opening or running them. Just drag and drop or browse to select a file and the result will be displayed immediately.JavaScript port of the UNIX "file" tool. Recognizes over 2000 file types using libmagic....

    platform: Web Apps by Toolsley.com license: Free language: English
  • Toolsley JPEG Stripper r1 (for Web Apps)

    Protect your privacy by removing metadata like embedded GPS coordinates, camera data or application data from your photos before sharing them online.Removal of metadata using this tool does not affect image quality.Keeping privacy in mind, this tool runs entirely in the browser using JavaScript. ...

    platform: Web Apps by Toolsley.com license: Free language: English
  • Dr. Driving Pro Free Version (for Java2ME)

    When I was a child, I had a driving game called Tomy Turnin' Turbo Dashboard. It was made up of a steering wheel and a collection of lights that represented my car, trees, and traffic. All I had to do was avoid the obstacles and a physical counter racked up my score. It wasn't good. Dr. Driving P...

    platform: Java2ME by Moong Labs license: Free language: English
  • Hulk vs HulkBusters Division 1.0 (for Java2ME)

    In theory, there's nothing wrong with maze based games. Chasing, or being chased, around a series of 2D paths can be exhilarating. But, just because it can be fun doesn't mean it will be, as demonstrated in Hulk vs HulkBusters Division. As if guiding a haggard Hulk slowly around a badly-designed ...

    platform: Java2ME by darkradiapps license: Free language: English