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  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 (for Windows)

    Adobe Photoshop is the most advanced image editor there is, capable of everything from simple retouching, to complex 3D designs and illustrations. The possibilities are endless as it has many features and tools, and fortunately, there are also many tutorials if you want to learn how to use it. Tt...

    platform: Windows by Adobe license: Trial version language: Multilanguage
  • KMPlayer (for Windows)

    KMPlayer is a free Windows audio and video player that weights relatively little. This multiformat player supports a wide range of numerous formats such as AVI, AVS, ASF, FLV, WMV, MKV and many others. Its rich functionality is wisely combined with minimalistic interface that does not overload co...

    platform: Windows by Kmplayer license: Free language: Multilanguage
  • Adobe Rome 0.9 (for Mac)

    Adobe Rome is an all-in-one content creation and publishing application. If you've ever wanted to stretch your creativity to the limits, you know you'll probably need a graphics program to do it with. Adobe Rome is that and more. Specifically designed for non-professionals such as small businesse...

    platform: Mac by Adobe license: Free language: English
  • Screenshot Plus Widget 3.2 (for Mac)

    Stop looking for a good screen capture tool - the Screenshot Plus Widget is all you need. This mini application will let you quickly take any sort of screenshot of your screen. Screenshot Plus Widget hasn't left my Mac since the first time I've installed it, even though I've tried quite a few sc...

    platform: Mac by Developers website license: Free language: Multilanguage
  • Despicable Me: Minion Rush 2.0.1 (for iPhone)

    Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a fun-packed endless running game starring the characters of the movie, Despicable Me 2. Become the Minion of the Year! In Despicable Me: Minion Rush, you play the role of one of failed evil mastermind Gru's loveable minions. Your mission is to run as far as you can...

    platform: iPhone by Gameloft license: Free language: English
  • NBA Jam 1.0.2 (for iPhone)

    NBA Jam is a thrill-a-minute basketball game for iOS that recaptures the magic of earlier console versions of the classic EA title. For those unfamiliar with the format, NBA Jam is essentially a two-on-two arcade basketball game starring NBA superstars past and present. You can choose to play eit...

    platform: iPhone by Electronic Arts license: Full Version language: Multilanguage
  • Flipboard 2.3.5 (for Android)

    Flipboard is a media aggregation app that pulls content from a wide variety of sources and creates a magazine layout of the information to read. Much like an RSS feed, Flipboard imports content from a many different sources and publishes it in the app, formatted like an interactive magazine. As o...

    platform: Android by Flipboard license: Free language: English
  • Wattpad 4.6 (for Android)

    Wattpad is an eBook reader that gives you access to more than 100,000 titles, which can be downloaded and read on your phone. A handheld library If you're a fan of reading, Wattpad is an app that will provide a lot of enjoyment for you. A huge community of users helped contribute to this stagge...

    platform: Android by WP Technology license: Free language: English
  • Snow Rally City Stage 1.1 (for Windows Mobile)

    There aren't many 3D motor racing sims that come anywhere near the standard of a console racer, but Snow Rally City Stage is part of that rare breed that do. Snow Rally City Stage sees you whiz through stunningly-rendered city streets on a quest for speed. There are only three courses to choose ...

    platform: Windows Mobile by Omnigsoft license: Trial version language: English
  • Kevtris 2.0 (for Windows Mobile)

    Tetris games are ten-a-penny on handheld devices, but Kevtris manages to stand out from the crowd. Kevtris takes the format of the original Tetris game and presents it in a unique way. Most PDA or phone-based block-builders only allow you to play the standard game format. However, Kevtris takes t...

    platform: Windows Mobile by Caywen license: Free language: English
  • Dropbox (for Web Apps)

    Dropbox is an online storage service, that gives you 2GB of free space where you can sync files, share and make backups. You can then also access your files remotely from a browser or mobile device. Dropbox is one of the best developed online storage solutions, and is very user friendly as well a...

    platform: Web Apps by Dropbox license: Free language: English
  • WidSets 1.00 (for Java2ME)

    If you've not seen Widgets in action on the Mac OS then you've really missed out. For the benefit of the uninitiated, widgets are small apps that sit on your desktop to give you instant access to certain information from the Internet. Now, if you haven't tried widgets before you can, thanks to th...

    platform: Java2ME by Widsets license: Free language: English

New Wikipedia Application for Android and iOS

On 31 July, the Wikimedia Foundation announced the launch of the revamped Wikipedia iOS app. This follows the launch of the revamped Android app in June. Up until now, the official app provided by the Foundation has not been particularly popular with users for a variety of reasons, with many preferring to use a number of paid and free Wikipedia applications from other providers. However, the new version seems to have addressed the main gri... Read more →

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Get Money-Smart with Google Wallet

As we rapidly move towards being able to pay for a wider range of goods and services with our mobile phones, Google Wallet is one of the more widely-used mobile payment systems that allow us to do that. In essence, Google Wallet works on much the same principle as a traditional wallet in terms of the items you would store in it – credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and so on - it’s just that it is an electronic version of it. It works by... Read more →

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Fastest Single-Laser Data Transfer – Danes Set Record (Again!)

A group of Danish researchers have achieved another first in single-laser data transfer by moving 43 terabytes of data per second over a single fiber. Using one laser transmitter, this is a new world record, being the fastest single-laser transfer on record. The unique achievement was accomplished by a team at the DTU (Technical University of Denmark).This amount of data, 43 terabytes per second (Tbps), is the equivalent of transferring al... Read more →

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Eco-Hosted Email from Microsoft

The phrase, “work smarter, not harder,” was coined a few years back and is used in many workplaces, especially in organizations that are trying to make their operations leaner. And that is what Microsoft’s EcoExchange service aims for. To some extent, this is quite a pioneering messaging system that goes a long way towards reducing our carbon footprint. With an estimated 165 million people using Microsoft’s email system all around the worl... Read more →

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Skype KERNEL32.dll error: Failed to get proc address for…

If you are trying to run Skype 6.7, or any newer/other version, on a Windows XP computer without Service Pack 3 (SP3), you will get the following fatal error during installation: “Failed to get proc address for GetLogicalProcessorInformation (KERNEL32.dll)” When you first begin to use Skype 6.7 on a Windows XP machine, the function GetLogicalProcessorInformation needed for this version is already available in Service Pack 3. Solution:1. ... Read more →

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Tor Network Compromised by Hackers

The service provided by Tor offers users a way to browse the Internet anonymously, and the company has traditionally taken great pride in the high levels of security and encryption it provides. However, it now appears that at the beginning of this year this high security was breached and some degree of user data was compromised. The news was revealed in a Tor blog posting recently. The blog said that Tor users who availed of the service f... Read more →

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Microsoft OneDrive – More Cloud Storage For Less Bucks

Microsoft recently announced that they were extending their cloud storage service – OneDrive. The changes will apply to their existing free storage option as well as to paid plans. In a blog, Group Program Manager, Omar Shahine explained what the changes mean and how they will work. But, in a nutshell:Free Plan:Free storage allocation will more than double to provide all users with 15GBPaid Plan:An extra 100GB for $1.99 per monthAn extra 2... Read more →

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Gift Feature to Disappear From Facebook

Come August 12, the Gift feature will disappear from Facebook. So, if you are planning to do any online wooing with a gift from the social network site after that date, you can forget it – or do it quickly!It has only been two years since the virtual shopping place was launched, and it could be used to order and send gifts to Facebook friends and loved ones. Now, however, plans to have the service closed down have been made public.The news... Read more →

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Windows Server 2012 – Resilience and Storage in Business

Microsoft designed Windows Server 2012, the sixth release of its Windows Server operating system, with the aim of empowering enterprises to grow. Its goal is to support flexibility in the workplace, to safeguard data and make it easier to reach the cloud. This is the server version of Windows 8 and is the current version, although it is rumored the next major release, currently codenamed ‘Threshold’ is under development and is likely to be... Read more →

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

With traditional camera technology becoming rarer and rarer and the digital variety taking over, amateur photographers can create amazing photographs with a little extra help from Photoshop Elements 12. Of course, professionals and those in the media have been photoshopping images for some time past! You can use this software to adjust color and contrast, fix common faults with digital photos, add glitzy effects and much more. Here is a br... Read more →

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Fake ID Bug Detected in Android Operating System

A flaw, dubbed the ‘Fake ID’ bug, has been detected in Android OS. This glitch enables malicious applications to imitate trusted ones without the user being notified.A research group at Bluebox Security recently found the bug, which lets the identities of individual applications get copied and they can then take over a phone and access user data.In a blog posting, Jeff Forristal, CTO at Bluebox explained that there is a unique identity ass... Read more →

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BlackBerry Staying Safe With Secusmart

With security foremost on the agenda in both the business and user community, especially in light of the Edward Snowden storm, BlackBerry has signaled its intention to stay on top by acquiring Secusmart, a highly-secure data and voice encryption service. The full terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed as yet.Secusmart has partnered BlackBerry in the past by providing the mobile vendor with security technology. Indeed, the Germany... Read more →

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Google Advertising Tools – An Overview

As one of the most popular and widely-used of all search engines, Google provides a great variety of services and utilities, including a range of development tools and APIs that enable professional and amateur developers the world over to create weird and wonderful things! Amongst these tools, there is a set of Advertising APIs that allow users to create, monitor and manage all manner of products and activities related to the advertising a... Read more →

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Microsoft in the Clouds!

Like many international and corporate conferences, the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 was an opportunity for the company’s leaders to share their vision for the future and give us a clue as to what we can expect to help us run our businesses or operate in our workplaces in the coming months or year(s). With so much emphasis on cloud computing and everyone talking about the cloud, it was little wonder that this subject featured... Read more →

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Apple OS X Yosemite Is Here!

Details of the imminent release of OS X Yosemite emerged during Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June. In the intervening time, developers have had access to the beta version on the quiet but that all changed this week. On 24 July, Apple made the beta OS publicly available. Any users who had registered for the Yosemite beta in advance should have received an email with a downloadable link earlier this week, so they would ... Read more →

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  • SlideShark 3.5.0 (for iPhone)

    Public speaking and PowerPoint presentations go hand in hand with one another. SlideShark aims to make your presentations run smoothly. Not only does it give you complete control of your presentation from your devices, but it's also chock-filled with extra features.  What separates SlideShark fr...

    platform: iPhone by Brainshark Inc. license: Free language: English
  • Homer 1.7.0 (for iPhone)

    Browse your friend's phones and find the apps you're missing! With Homer, you can browse the apps of people you care about and download them directly through the App Store. To share your phone, you provide us screenshots of your iPhone or iPod home screens, and we'll take care of the rest t...

    platform: iPhone by Scribble Inc. license: Free language: English
  • British Airways 1.0.12 (for Blackberry)

    The British Airways app a handy companion for both frequent and casual flyers. There's a lot of features including booking information, access to boarding passes, and flight status options. It also provides access to frequent flyer info and Executive Club perks. Most of the controls are located o...

    platform: Blackberry by British Airways plc license: Free language: English
  • The Independent 4.2.2 (for Blackberry)

    The Independent app allows for you to read the latest articles from the famous British newspaper. Stories are displayed in a list and divided by sections such as Sport, Tech, and Politics. You can switch between sections by tapping on the lower left hand corner of the screen. It's not as advanced...

    platform: Blackberry by Independent Digital News & Media Limited license: Free language: English
  • Therefore (for Windows Mobile)

    Therefore is an app designed by the creators of the Therefore Information Management system that allows you manage Therefore documents on Windows Phone. Therefore allows you to find and edit documents and save photos to Therefore from your Windows device. Therefore initially opens in Find mode w...

    platform: Windows Mobile by Therefore license: Free language: English
  • Kawaii Dress Up 1.0 (for Java2ME)

    Kawaii Dress Up – Many sections of clothes: hats, shoes, dresses, bags etc are ready to be tried on! Play for free with make up salon game and have fun! Dressing mini doll is cute and cool. However this fashion story is special because of multiple types of clothes and shoes in kawaii style and co...

    platform: Java2ME by SmartTouch Media Inc license: Free (ads) language: Multilanguage
  • Pattern Puzzle 1 (for Java2ME)

    Looking for an educational game for kids? Then you've came to the right place! Pattern Puzzle Free will help you to teach your babies with fun. With this game your kids can improve their visual motor skills and hand-eye coordination! You can choose from two game mode options: 1. create your own p...

    platform: Java2ME by SmartTouch Media Inc license: Free (ads) language: Multilanguage