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  • Skype (for Windows)

    Skype is the most popular application on the market for making video calls, mobile calls, and sending instant messages and SMS. On top of all that, it's now emerging as the successor to Messenger. Skype's functions With Skype, you can communicate with your friends wherever they a...

    platform: Windows by Skype license: Free language: Multilanguage
  • HomeGuard Activity Monitor 1.9.2 (for Windows)

    HomeGuard Activity Monitor is a powerful computer monitoring program that can be configured to protect children of all ages. Letting a child use an an internet-connected computer can be nerve wracking. There are certain parts of the internet that aren't appropriate for children. HomeGuard Activit...

    platform: Windows by Veridium Software license: Trial version language: English
  • Adobe Rome 0.9 (for Mac)

    Adobe Rome is an all-in-one content creation and publishing application. If you've ever wanted to stretch your creativity to the limits, you know you'll probably need a graphics program to do it with. Adobe Rome is that and more. Specifically designed for non-professionals such as small businesse...

    platform: Mac by Adobe license: Free language: English
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (for Mac)

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the sixth installment of this famous FPS. As one of the most acclaimed in the series, it's an epic shooter that improves on its predecessors.  Fight around the world CoD is the most famous first-person shooter franchise, and Modern Warfare is one of th...

    platform: Mac by Aspyr license: Full Version language: English
  • Walking Dead: The Game 1.6 (for iPhone)

    Walking Dead: The Game is a faithful port of the excellent point-and-click adventure game that debuted on the desktop. Walking on sunshine If you're a fan of zombies and haven't heard of The Walking Dead, do yourself a favor and read the comics, watch the show, and pick up Walking Dead: The Game...

    platform: iPhone by Telltale Games license: Free language: English
  • TuneIn Radio 6.1 (for iPhone)

    TuneIn Radio is the standard when it comes to mobile Internet radio. With worldwide radio stations, an excellent design, customization, and social options, TuneIn Radio is one of the best apps for mobile radio lovers. Radio stations of every type, from around the w...

    platform: iPhone by Synsion Radio Technologies license: Free language: Multilanguage
  • Wattpad 4.7 (for Android)

    Wattpad is an eBook reader that gives you access to more than 100,000 titles, which can be downloaded and read on your phone. A handheld library If you're a fan of reading, Wattpad is an app that will provide a lot of enjoyment for you. A huge community of users helped contribute to this stagge...

    platform: Android by WP Technology license: Free language: English
  • Flipboard 2.3.5 (for Android)

    Flipboard is a media aggregation app that pulls content from a wide variety of sources and creates a magazine layout of the information to read. Much like an RSS feed, Flipboard imports content from a many different sources and publishes it in the app, formatted like an interactive magazine. As o...

    platform: Android by Flipboard license: Free language: English
  • BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) (for Blackberry)

    BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is the official instant messaging client for BlackBerry devices. Not only can you send instant messages with BlackBerry Messenger with images, video, voice notes, but you can also use BBM to make free voice calls on your BlackBerry device. The latest version of Blackber...

    platform: Blackberry by Research In Motion license: Free language: English
  • Spring Theme Roots of Spring 1.0.0 (for Blackberry)

    This BlackBerry Exclusive Spring Theme - Roots of Spring adds a fresh new look to your BlackBerry device. The free Spring Theme features an elegant wallpaper image of a tree with wonderfully colored blossom. This image sits in front of a beautiful blue background which, if you look carefully, con...

    platform: Blackberry by BlackBerry license: Free language: English
  • Snow Rally City Stage 1.1 (for Windows Mobile)

    There aren't many 3D motor racing sims that come anywhere near the standard of a console racer, but Snow Rally City Stage is part of that rare breed that do. Snow Rally City Stage sees you whiz through stunningly-rendered city streets on a quest for speed. There are only three courses to choose ...

    platform: Windows Mobile by Omnigsoft license: Trial version language: English
  • IM+ (IMPlus) for Windows Mobile 7.9.2

    With society pushing us to be online and available in our every waking moment, it is hardly surprising that there are a plethora of instant messaging programs available for PDAs and mobile phones. IM+ offers connection to a wide range of networks without becoming too bloated or over-complex. The ...

    platform: Windows Mobile by SHAPE Services license: Trial version language: Multilanguage
  • Dropbox (for Web Apps)

    Dropbox is an online storage service, that gives you 2GB of free space where you can sync files, share and make backups. You can then also access your files remotely from a browser or mobile device. Dropbox is one of the best developed online storage solutions, and is very user friendly as well a...

    platform: Web Apps by Dropbox license: Free language: English
  • Cut the Rope (for Web Apps)

    Cut the Rope is a puzzle game you can play on your web browser and is physics-based. Your ultimate goal in Cut the Rope is to feed a cute little creature pieces of candy. The catch? The candy is tied up in ropes and there are obstacles you'll need to avoid in order to ensure your weird little pet...

    platform: Web Apps by Zeptolab license: Free language: English
  • WidSets 1.00 (for Java2ME)

    If you've not seen Widgets in action on the Mac OS then you've really missed out. For the benefit of the uninitiated, widgets are small apps that sit on your desktop to give you instant access to certain information from the Internet. Now, if you haven't tried widgets before you can, thanks to th...

    platform: Java2ME by Widsets license: Free language: English

How to Fix KMPlayer Error "Access Violation at address..."

It may be that you are running KMPlayer as normal but, suddenly, you get the following error: "Access Violation at address .... in module ‘KMPlayer.exe’. Read of address ...".This error will prevent you using KMPlayer as you normally would. The error, "Access Violation at address .... in module 'kmplayer.exe'. Read of address ...", will be displayed whenever you try to access the program. It simply means your computer cannot access KMPlaye... Read more →

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Solution – Back Button in Internet Explorer 10 Not Working Correctly

It would seem that some users have been experiencing a problem where, at times, the back button in Internet Explorer (IE) 10 does not work properly. This seems to have been the case since IE 10 was first released and users are still having the problem. If you are having trouble like this, you can press the ALT+Left back key to move back or you could try the suggested fix described below.Suggested Fix(es)Prior to trying these steps, go to W... Read more →

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Users Advised to Uninstall Windows 8.1 Update After BSOD Reports

It has only been a few days since Microsoft rolled out the latest update to Windows 8.1, but users have now been advised to uninstall it. The company appear to have issued this advice after it was reported that the update is causing the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error.There have been four separate updates based on a variety of general features and security protocol, namely 2970228, 297533, 2975719 and 2982791, and these appear to... Read more →

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Fix For Mac Error: “Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close”

Sometimes, when you try to start Microsoft Word for Mac 2008 and/or 2011, you may get this error:“Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”Why Does This Happen:Well, the message can appear if/when:Preferences in Word have become corrupt.The profile in the user’s account has become corrupt.Word for Mac is being disrupted by programs running in the background.Various program files have ... Read more →

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Troubleshooting: How to Check for Unsafe Websites in IE and How to Report Them

Nowadays, everyone needs to be very cautious and on their guard when they are using the Internet. Some websites will actively try to lure you into phishing scams or try to install malware on the computer you are using. Moreover, there will be genuine product or service providers whose sites have been breached, but they still aren’t aware this has happened. Checking for Malicious WebsitesInternet Explorer (IE) has a SmartScreen Filter that... Read more →

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Windows App Store Awash with Bogus Applications

In April this year the number of applications on offer in the Windows Store had risen to more than 400,000, an approximate increase of upwards of 300,000 apps since the Store(s), both the Windows and Windows Phone Store combined, passed the 100,000 milestone last year. So, does this figure say that the number of users of Microsoft’s platforms is getting very big very rapidly? Or is there something else afoot?According to comments from some... Read more →

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Why You Can Enjoy a Speedy Recovery with Microsoft Azure

Yesterday, Microsoft Azure garnered quite a bit of attention when interruptions to the service affected customers around the globe. But what is Azure, how widely is it used, and what are the potential consequences for users and businesses when an outage like yesterday’s glitch occurs? Microsoft describes Azure as "an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global networ... Read more →

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Why Protecting Your Online Identity is So Important

We live in a digital world where virtually everything we do depends on the Internet. Although the Internet offers great convenience, it can also be a real nightmare if your online credentials are stolen. Only a week ago, yet another attack was reported when it was discovered a group of hackers in Russian had acquired over one billion user passwords. In this year alone, there has been several prominent security breaches, affecting sites like eBay, Yaho... Read more →

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New Tweeting Options Being Tested by Twitter

There are rumors that Twitter is testing new methods of displaying tweets, no doubt with a view to implementing what they see as improving the way these are presented to users. Although it is not new or unusual for Twitter to be found testing new features, news of these particular tests seems to have gained momentum in recent days, and the results aren’t to everyone’s satisfaction. It would appear that Twitter is trying to show users the tweets their ... Read more →

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Late September to See Arrival of Windows 9 Public Preview Software

After the mixed reactions that greeted Windows 8, many users, especially desktop users, are eagerly awaiting the release of Windows 9, which is widely believed to be the next “biggie.” And, while rumor and speculation has been rife about what Windows 9 will bring and when it will arrive, it now looks like a public “technology preview” of the next OS will be here in late September or early October. Although Microsoft has not officially revealed the name of the... Read more →

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Smart Phone Charging to Be Speeded Up with New QNovo Software

Most smart phone users find it irritating that it takes so long for their devices to recharge, and virtually everyone leaves their office and/or home at one time or other without remembering to charge up their phones before they leave. This essentially means that every minute of charging time really counts when you are in a hurry or on the move. Manufacturers, too, are always seeking to improve battery technology. Now, however, a new software promises to dras... Read more →

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Firefox won't start - find solutions

How To Fix XULRunner Error and Other Problems in FirefoxXUL Runner – ErrorOccasionally, you might see the following error message when you are trying to run Firefox after a software update:"XULRunner - Error: Platform version x.x.x.x is not compatible with minVersion x.x.x.x"" ("x.x.x.x" depending on application version number)If this message appears, you can use another browser to download Firefox from mozilla.org/firefox. Once downloaded... Read more →

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How to Fix Problems with Internet Explorer

If you use Internet Explorer (IE), you may experience some problems from time to time. It is best you know how to resolve these issues quickly because this will save you having to look for solutions from different Internet and/or other sources. The issues with IE can be diverse and may include problems like: IE crashes, hangs or freezes IE will not open links IE will not display web pages IE displays different error messages IE opens but immedia... Read more →

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Hotfix for IE Slowdowns Now Available from Microsoft

There is some good news for you if you have been having trouble with your web browser, most specifically with Internet Explorer. If you have been finding IE a bit slow of late or virtually grinding to a halt, Microsoft are aware of the problem and have issued a corrective hotfix. If you are unaware of the problem, let us explain. There are two updates that can bring any version of the IE browser from 7 to 11 to a standstill when they are ... Read more →

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How to Fix Error: “This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine”

Occasionally, when using Windows XP, you might see the following error “you may be a victim of software counterfeiting. This copy of Windows has not passed the Genuine Validation.” Many users see this error and find it irritating. Why Are You Getting This Error or Warning?This essentially means you are using an illegal or pirated copy of Windows XP. It is likely you updated your version of Windows from an Internet source or downloaded an ... Read more →

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  • Fail Hard 1.0.0 (for Windows)

    Play as a motorbike-riding stuntman destined for a comically painful crash in this arcade game for Windows 8. The life of a stuntman You control a stuntman named Johnny whose goal is to collect as many gold coins as possible. He does this by riding his bike onto ramps, through pipes, over boats,...

    platform: Windows by Fingersoft license: Free language: English
  • The Sims 4 Preview (for Windows)

    A spectacular way to customize your sims, but with some surprising limitations. This is what I think about Create-a-Sim, the character creator for The Sims 4. Create yourself inside The Sims 4 I decided to use myself as a guinea pig, creating my sim alter ego. My first impressions with this tool...

    platform: Windows by Electronic Arts license: Free language: English
  • Bonita BPM Community Edition 6.3.3 (for Mac)

    Bonita BPM Community Edition helps developers build business applications that improve business operations and results. Connect people, processes and information systems into applications that can be easily managed in on-premise or cloud environments. Use Bonita BPM Studio to design an executable...

    platform: Mac by BonitaSoft license: Free (GPL) language: English
  • Kim Kardashian: Hollywood 1.2.0 (for Mac)

    Whether you love her or can't stand her, Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular celebs around. Now she's created a (sort of) sim where you can hang out with her and climb the greasy Hollywood ladder to become an A-list star. Life in La La Land Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (KKH) is a difficult ga...

    platform: Mac by Glu Games license: Free language: English
  • Super Crossfighter 1.0 (for iPhone)

    Super Crossfighter takes Space Invaders and flips it on its head, literally. You must blast your way past swarms of neon colored aliens from the base of the screen. The twist on this formula is a warp function that lets you teleport past your foes to attack from above. This ability works with the...

    platform: iPhone by Radiangames license: Full Version language: English
  • Godus 1.2 (for iPhone)

    Coming from the developer of Curiosity, Godus lets you take the role of a god with the ability to alter the earth beneath your people’s feet. By helping your tribe grow you are rewarded by their faith, which grants you more powers to further aid them. But will the game’s free-to-play hooks break ...

    platform: iPhone by 22cans license: Full Version language: English
  • Super Crossfighter 1.0 (for Android)

    Super Crossfighter takes Space Invaders and flips it on its head, literally. You must blast your way past swarms of neon colored aliens from the base of the screen. The twist on this formula is a warp function that lets you teleport past your foes to attack from above. This ability works with the...

    platform: Android by Radiangames license: Full Version language: English
  • PAC-MAN Championship Edition (for Symbian)

    In PAC-MAN Championship Edition, the goal is to complete each level by eating all the pellets, but avoid getting caught by the colored? ghosts. Unlike the classic version, this release offers several game versions: the original levels (mazes in the dark or that change shape, for example) and...

    platform: Symbian by Electronic Arts license: Full Version language: English
  • British Airways 1.0.12 (for Blackberry)

    The British Airways app a handy companion for both frequent and casual flyers. There's a lot of features including booking information, access to boarding passes, and flight status options. It also provides access to frequent flyer info and Executive Club perks. Most of the controls are located o...

    platform: Blackberry by British Airways plc license: Free language: English
  • The Independent 4.2.2 (for Blackberry)

    The Independent app allows for you to read the latest articles from the famous British newspaper. Stories are displayed in a list and divided by sections such as Sport, Tech, and Politics. You can switch between sections by tapping on the lower left hand corner of the screen. It's not as advanced...

    platform: Blackberry by Independent Digital News & Media Limited license: Free language: English
  • Therefore (for Windows Mobile)

    Therefore is an app designed by the creators of the Therefore Information Management system that allows you manage Therefore documents on Windows Phone. Therefore allows you to find and edit documents and save photos to Therefore from your Windows device. Therefore initially opens in Find mode w...

    platform: Windows Mobile by Therefore license: Free language: English
  • Smartizio V1 (for Web Apps)

    Smartizio is based on three access roles that allow the perfect management of various time off requests depending on the type of absence you want. This powerful tool will provide the list of absentees, leave balances for each employee, leave requests in progress and other useful information withi...

    platform: Web Apps by Smartizio license: Free language: Multilanguage
  • Real Football 2015 1.1.0 (Nokia Series 40) (for Java2ME)

    Real Football 2015 is a soccer game for Nokia S40, which fails to hit the target. Although there are several game modes (cup, league, friendly, and training) and lots of teams to choose from, Real Football 2015 doesn't include real player names. The graphics are lacking in finesse, controlling pl...

    platform: Java2ME by Gameloft license: Trial version language: Multilanguage
  • SimCity Deluxe 1.0.0 (Nokia Series 40) (for Java2ME)

    Become the mayor of your own city as SimCity Deluxe goes back to its traditional roots. Fans of the original game will love this, as it's kept the same graphics and concept. Build up your city by choosing residential, industrial commercial, culture, safety and education buildings, and tear them d...

    platform: Java2ME by Electronic Arts license: Free language: English